japan journey

Miyajima Revisited

It's been over a year since my family visited me in Japan but only half a year since I posted about our time in Hiroshima and Miyajima [https://blog.novaugust.net/

Hiroshima and Miyajima

Hiroshima was great. We stayed on the bay, bounced our way across the waves in a boat or two, and had a fancy meal up on the twenty second story of a hotel

Back to Tokyo

お台場 Jenn finished her two weeks in Japan with one last ride on the bullet train, headed back to Tokyo. We said goodbye to her at our fancy hotel on a man-made island

Toudaiji and Temaki Zushi

東大寺 An hour on a train put us in Japan's first capital, Nara. It boasts the largest wooden structure in the world, Toudaiji (東大寺Great East Temple), and is also famous for

Kyoto Day 2 - After Inari

After the shrine [https://blog.novaugust.net/kyoto-fushimi-inari-shrine/], Jenn, Dad and I joined back up with Mom and John to go visit a castle right in the middle of Kyoto, 二条城 (ni-jyou-jyou, '