Wild Summer

Wild Iris Summer Gallery

Laramie's summer is coming to an end (here on August 20th...) and so it might be a safe time to recap another Wild Iris season.

This year's strong season-starter at Ten Sleep pushed back the Wild Iris season but convinced me I was ready to start sending 12s.

Last summer the season of Flowers and Limestone kicked off in June, had two hits in July, and closed in August.

For 2016 it was compressed into just July, with three trips (each with their own post):

  1. The Gypsy and the Philosopher | July 2nd-4th with Octavian and Will
  2. The Weekend Denied | July 9th-11th Trudeau, Cameron, Haley, Shaleas, OG
  3. A New Iris | July 28th-August 2nd Ken, Trudeau, and some Oregonians

Wild Iris Ticklist, 2016

< 10a

Gunky (technically at Sinks, but hey.)


All He's Ever Gonna Have


Stacked Deck, Doob Lube, Sweaty Bully, Western Grip, Pocket Hero, Big Medicine


Claim Jumper, Testosterone Afresco, Bovine Interruption, Pale Face Magic, Wotai


Roll in the Hay, Battle for a Wounded Knee, Cowboys Are My Only Weakness,


Little Buckaroo, Winchester Pump, I'm A Lead Farmer Motherfucker,


Tribal War, Medicine Man


Queen of Hearts, Diamonds and Rain, Butch Pocket and the Sundance Pump


Poker Face Alice