The Northland

Single once more, with seemingly half my friends having moved from Flagstaff, I realized that the time of me changing my definition of home to align with that Arizona mountain shangri-la [https://blog.

The Grand Wall

I was all set to spend a weekend in the Greater Seattle region when Nate texted me: > Want to climb The Grand Wall on Sunday? I'm a bachelor for the

100 and 1 Pitches in Squamish

I've been in Squamish for a few weeks now, and had a Euroka! moment last night realizing I'd ticked my 101st pitch. 1. The Grand Wall 9p Nate atop

Have You Ever Listened To Ray Charles

There's a sharp bend on the highway between Dubois and Jackson where, in the winter, I like to stop and take a pee. It's to commemorate the first occasion