Sneaking to Squaretop

The day before the International Climber's Festival kicked off I got three pitches in on the stone that, every time I take someone to it for the first time, I point

Sinking Into Things

My one-day Sinks trips are starting to turn into two-day, three-day trips. I'm shifting from relying on my Lander local climbing partners to being able to hit up friends in other

Familiar Crags and Strange People

I found myself a home in Jackson, and could finally move my things out of the place in Lander. Sounds like the perfect excuse to go rock climbing. I just needed a partner.

Canyon Weekend

Friday Dave and I went out to get our red points [https://blog.novaugust.net/meanwhile-in-lander/]. We both were out of work by 4, and ran into each other biking home. "The