Lander in July

ICF The International Climber's Festival [] successfully placed itself upon the hottest week of summer in Lander, Wyoming. I spent every night for a week intermittently sleeping and

Sneaking to Squaretop

The day before the International Climber's Festival kicked off I got three pitches in on the stone that, every time I take someone to it for the first time, I point

A Return

Galleries [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ken and I had the first few days in Lander to just piddle around on the walls and have fun with no responsibilities or obligations.

Sinks Day Hit

> "Yeah, we're done for the day. It's too windy." > "I'm jealous. We drove up from Laramie and don't have that

A New Iris

* One of three posts on July trips to Wild Iris []. * All the Wild Iris photos [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The trip with the most days