night photography

Briefly, A Laramie Man

I had many mailings waiting for me at two of my Wyoming domiciles (Ken's place, parent's place!). In particular, I was excited to get my first ever set of

The Chasm of Doom

The stars traced long arcs The coyotes howled in the dark And the spirits came out to play. Between great granite stones Haunted by the wind's quiet moans Went we, somewhere

Still Not Climbing

It's hard to keep track of all the things I do that aren't climbing, but luckily I take lots of pictures to remind me. Here's some that

The Wildest of I's

At one point I turned to Ken Hilton and whispered > "Who the fuck is this guy?" "I know, right?" the Hiltonator responds with raised eyebrows and a shrug

Bouncing Back

I spent a whole lot of time healing this year, which doesn't make for the most interesting posts. Still, I've spent the time with good people, and every now