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A Return

Galleries [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ken and I had the first few days in Lander to just piddle around on the walls and have fun with no responsibilities or obligations.

The Citadel

> On the road again, just couldn't wait to get on the road again. I spent the night in Lander to give myself an excuse to sneak in some winter climbing

Red Rocks

Winter kept moving south, Wyoming to Colorado []. I got out of Boulder just in time. Of course I didn't take a picture with my cellphone while


Mmm. Rocktober. Thanks to Brittani, Thomas, and Chris for climbing with me in Sinks Canyon. Bre and Reid for putting me up in SLC between missions. Ken, Phil, Amy, and Phil for amazing


Not to be confused with September [], this is the story of Sendtember: a ten day trip Trudeau and I took at the end of the ninth month of