teton pass

The Prime Minister and the Pollock

> "That's a long hike for people who don't." * Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Pow Maciej and Jenn came to Jackson so as to whisk me away to Golden, BC, from which I'm writing

Resort Skiing Teton Pass

As we drove up the pass on New Years Eve, I told Reid "I'm not going to have a single day at a resort this year," with not a little bit pride in

Holiday Fun

South of the Pass On a tracked out Sunday, Trudeau and I had a day that consisted more-or-less of skinning and exploring. Our skis took us to Yo-yo Bowl, Thanksgiving Bowl, and an

Turns Two, Three, Four, and Five...

Maybe counting after "one" is unnecessary. These next four days just came at me so damn quick though. Thank god it's the weekend and I get to give my quads a break while

First Turns

The snow was really, actually coming down for the first time since I came back to Jackson nearly two weeks ago. Wade [http://baconandclimbing.com] and I decided to enjoy the frozen precip