Wild Iris

Sailing Wyoming's Seas

It's been many years since I spent two consecutive months in Wyoming. Doing so in the summer meant ancient seas and contemporary riverways.

Matt and Megan Do Wyoming

At long last, I got the Megs inside God's Rectangle. She left from the Bugs and I from Lander [https://blog.novaugust.net/lander-in-july/], and we rendezvoused in Victor, Idaho after

Lander in July

ICF The International Climber's Festival [https://www.climbersfestival.org/] successfully placed itself upon the hottest week of summer in Lander, Wyoming. I spent every night for a week intermittently sleeping and

A New Iris

* One of three posts on July trips to Wild Iris [https://blog.novaugust.net/wild-summer/]. * All the Wild Iris photos [http://photography.novaugust.net/Stories/Wild-Summer/] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The trip with the most days